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RW-7006 Individure Spot Welder

Product Character:
● Air cylinder connected with electro-megnetic valve, it can reduce the air resistance during the
distribution pipe, and minute adjust the air in/out for upward and downward.
● Air-cylinder pressurized adopts non-step adjustable operation cushion with a pressurized test switch.
It easily controls the air cylinder upward or downward for convenient to adjust the electrical pole.
● Controller adopt non-contactor digital-synchronous lC circuits and voltage fluctuation compensation
circuits, it make a high precision weld.
● Adopt S.C.R. non-contactor operation, super stability, longer life time and never out of work, ensure
stabilizing welding current. Enclose with an automatic temperature protective device, this device will
be cut-off automatically for safety reason, when machine's inner temperature rise much hotter than
the rating or cooling water circulation got problem.
● Cooling Water adopts multi-branch pipes, it can adjust the water-flow value from any branch pipe to
use on the series preparation for special-electrical pole.
● Special isolation material and excellent cooling system are used for high efficiency transformer.
Therefore, it will not impact the welding current.

Competitive Advantages:Well and High Quality Control ,Earth-friendly Products ,ODM Accepted ,OEM Accepted

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